Self Image

It hasn’t been until recently that societal expectations on what individuals should look like has come to the forefront of my mind.  In the United States it seems that altering what a celebrity looks like in a magazine is the norm, changing their looks according to what sells. These photoshopped magazine covers are fed by us “consumers”. This is not to blame celebrities, just as regular individuals have insecurities and pressures in their lives we must remember that famous people do too.  This has made the field of plastic surgery very popular not only in Hollywood but also for regular people such as your parents, siblings, children and friends.

For the most part racism in the traditional sense has gone away in the U.S. but inter-racial racism seems to be growing. Within each racial group there appears to be an expectation of what is beautiful. This is disheartening because instead of building each other up we are tearing ourselves down.  In the Asian culture the lighter skin you have the better,  in the Black American culture the smaller your nose the prettier you are, etc.

It will not be until we begin to embrace our unique features as beautiful and as part of what empowers us that we can begin to shift societal views.

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