Psychological disorder or hormonal imbalance?

Are you feeling depressed, unable to concentrate, low libido or lack of energy to do activities you once enjoyed? Well than you are definitely depressed…wait just a second! We automatically think that these symptoms are caused by depression or other psychological problems and ignore physiological etiologies.

Our society is more understanding of psychological issues and in the United States we have now more than ever the resources for people to receive psychological treatments for such problems as depression. This makes advocates of persons with psychological disorders, such as SBCC, confident that the word about these problems are getting out there in the community but it would be a dis-service to our community if we ignore possible physical causes for changes in our mental well being.

Without going into the debate of firsts, chemical imbalance vs. psychological symptoms, I want to go into a different direction. At SBCC we strongly encourage individuals who have a sudden change in mood, energy, and/or thinking abilities to seek out a medical doctor to rule out hormonal imbalances. Too much or too little of certain hormones, such as the thyroid, can manifest into psychological symptoms. It is important to rule out other possibilities so that your therapist can tailor your treatment to best suit you as an individual, even if it is working along side your doctors to help you achieve a better quality of life.

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